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Group Connect - In touch. Step by step.

Introducing Group Connect, a mobile application that provides a location-based service which enables users to connect, communicate and share their location with other fellow members on a private secure platform.


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Group Connect comes with a rich set of features that enhances traveller's experiences.


Find, Seek and Explore

Meeting Points

Trying to find your group, friends or family members in a busy, loud and congested area can be a huge challenge. Group Connect solves these issues by enabling users to set up physical meeting points.

Warning Points

Safety and security whilst travelling is always a big concern. Group Connect provides a platform that gives fellow group member’s the power to collaborate and share safety and security tips. Warning points are dangerous areas that group members would like to warn others about.


If you are a close family, group or close bunch of friends who don’t want to become separated from each other whist on the move or at a particular area (e.g. the beach), Perimeters in a Group Connect feature that can help. This ‘opt in’ feature allows a user to ensure fellow group members are never further than a certain distance away.


Group Connect Messaging is a comprehensive, private and secure instant messaging service that allows users to chat, send media and share GPS coordinates with other Group Connect members.


This safety and security feature allows a Group Connect user to send a distress call to all other users in the group, should something happen and they need help and assistance.


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